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Future and past collide in unpredictable ways in David Hare’s critically-acclaimed SKYLIGHT.

An unexpected knock at the door on a deep winter night in Northwest London brings the past rushing back into Kyra’s apartment. At the door is Tom, a restless, self-made restaurateur and hotel tycoon, and Kyra’s former lover. After three years apart, Tom has come to reclaim his former mistress following the death of his wife. Though the current of their desire still runs strong, time has carved them into very different people. Is the gap between them unbridgeable, or can they resurrect their magnetic relationship?

Still on the fence about going to see this wonderful production of Skylight?

Now, when you enter “OOTC” as the Promo Code, the show will donate 50% of ticket sales to Out of the Cold at Holy Blossom Temple.

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