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Dear Friends,

We welcome you to Holy Blossom Temple Youth Education Centre. We are honoured to have your family share the wonders and beauty of Jewish education together. We are proud that our current application is fully on-line. Please read through our application carefully.

Holy Blossom Temple School is pleased to provide age appropriate learning opportunities from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our program provides a single-day option which combines Religious education and Hebrew language education, or the option of working with a tutor organized through us at the YEC. We will provide you with a tutor and the curriculum. Please feel welcome to call or email me with any questions.  Going forward, we will continue to encourage and welcome your input as we make further improvements to the Youth Education centre.

Classes for Grades JK-5 will be offered on Sunday mornings, 9:30-11:30 a.m. We have an excellent Hebrew language program for students in Grades 2-5; as well as an option to join Project Tikvah, our Hebrew language program for students with learning challenges.

Senior School (Grades 6-7) meets on Monday evenings, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah program, a part of our Senior School and Grade  Seven program, is for all students (Jewish Day School students included) celebrating Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Holy Blossom Temple.

We have a new program this year called JTEM, Jewish Teen Experience Midtown. In cooperation with Congregation Beth Tzedec and Beth Sholom Synagogue, JTEM will provide and engaging program for all students in Grades 8-12 from each of our congregations. Courses will include

Holy Blossom students throughout the school will be given greater tools and experiences which are necessary to be comfortable in participating in worship and Torah discussion. Shabbat service (Friday evening or Shabbat day) participation is another way to bring school and synagogue together. Special Shabbat dinners will be scheduled for various grades and will be advertised in our school calendar which will be available in the August.

We always encourage our parents’ participation. Please consider joining your child often during their time at school. Shabbat Family Education programs are a central part of our experience. Families will have the flexibility to choose from the 6 Shabbat program options offered – either a Friday evening or Shabbat morning program. We look forward to sharing Shabbat and other holiday and program times with each family at various times throughout the school year.

As a way of fostering the friendships in our classrooms, we will be compiling and distributing class contact lists. We hope that you will schedule visits with your children’s friends from Temple outside of school. It is a great way to create and form life-long bonds.

We learn through experience and teach through deed and example. At Holy Blossom there are many opportunities for Temple members of all ages to be students and to be teachers. Your involvement will guide us into the next generation. We look forward to learning with you.


Debbie Spiegel
Director of Education

Judy Winberg
Chair, Department of Education

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