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By Our Junior Kindergarten Students.

puppy 2We named our Shabbat puppy Amen. He joined us for all of Shabbat – sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday. Friday night we had a special night and went out to dinner with our Shabbat puppy. He joined our family for bagels on Saturday morning.

Then we drove to Buffalo together! Amen didn’t have a passport, but thankfully it was okay. Once we arrived in Buffalo, we did some shopping, and then we visited the zoo! Amen even met a polar bear! And a hyena!

We had a really fun day at the zoo. The Shabbat puppy learned that spending time with family is the most important part of Shabbat. After the long drive home, we had a very good night sleep. – Mason

puppy 4Shabbat puppy had a wonderful Shabbat with Lev and his family. He went to temple to celebrate Shabbat Shirah.

He also went to a friends for havdalah to end Shabbat and welcome the new week.

Shabbat shalom! – Lev

Ollie named the dog Ranger and we made chocolate marshmallow brownies with Ranger! Ranger slept next to Ollie every night and we spoke to him about our family.

We loved taking care of him. – xo, Ollie

Brody named the Shabbat puppy Mitzvah. From the moment Brody brought him home it was love at first sight. He quickly replaced his stuffed animals in bed at night. Mitzvah followed Brody around wherever he went; to brush his teeth, comb his hair, and almost everything else. One Shabbat we included Mitzvah at dinner and made him part of our Friday routine. Brody loved Mitzvah a lot and hopes to him again soon. – Brody

puppy 5Jesse called the Shabbat puppy, “Shabbat puppy” because he thought it was a special name in and of itself. He brought Shabbat puppy to his Safta’s house to meet his family, including his grandma who is 101 years old. On Friday night, the Shabbat puppy, Jesse and his sister Ashley participated in our usual Shabbat dinner.

We hope the Shabbat puppy had as much fun as we did. We love having guests at our Shabbat table and it was quite exceptional this past week because we’ve never had a Shabbat puppy joining us. It turned out to be great and we’ll always welcome the Shabbat puppy to join us. – Jesse

puppy 6Shabbat dog had a great week with Toby. He snuck to school in his backpack and peeked out from the front pocket. On Friday night he went to family first Friday (at holy blossom). He enjoyed the music of the service and playing with the kids at dinner time.

On Saturday morning he came to family service with us and enjoyed listening to the music and playing with Toby and mollie’s toys.

Shabbat dog is excited for his next adventure. Shabbat dog sends his love to Alex. – Toby

puppy 7We brought Shabbat puppy on a play date with my brother Ryan and our friend Skylar. We did mad lobs and read a PJ library book.

It was so much fun! – Cory

puppy 8I brought my Shabbat puppy to a birthday party with me. We made our own pizza and decorated cupcakes. Shabbat puppy really liked the pizza I made. It was tomato sauce and cheese. He helped me decorate the cupcakes too and they looked fabulous! It was my friend from schools birthday. His name is Gulio and he was turning 5. He had a minion birthday cake. We had a great time at the birthday.

Thank you for coming with me Shabbat puppy! – Mackenzie

puppy 9Shabbat puppy was so excited that the weather was getting nice. He went with Ben to watch him play soccer. He watched him the whole time. He then went to the park with Ben.

Shabbat puppy and Ben had the best time! – Ben

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