In Grade 1

This week we learned a new Hebrew letter, Resh and our new word is Rimonim. Rimonim are the silver bells that sit on top of the Torah to make it look beautiful. All the grades one’s had the pleasure of seeing the Rimonim after Tefillah with Rabbi Helfman. We even made our own Rimonim as a class, each student made one. With our Shinshinim, we shared highlights of our Passover celebrations, and learned some fun Israeli dances.

Next week, we are finishing the alephbet with the letters Shin and Taf. Our class will also be learning about Yom Ha’atazmaut and Shavuot. Yom Ha’atazmaut, is Israel’s Independence day which marks the establishment of the State Israel.  This year it is on Thursday, May 12th, 2016 . On Shavuot,  we celebrate the receiving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.  This year, Shavuot falls on June 12th, 2016.

On Sunday, May 15th, 2016 during our last class, we will focus on reviewing what we’ve learned this semester, reviewing the alephbet and the holidays.

May 1 grade 1aaMay 1 grade 1

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