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Women_of_the_WallSunday, May 8, 2016
In Israel with Rabbi Splansky, Joan Garson and Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers

In solidarity with the Women of the Wall we are bringing our Baby Torah into the Kotel.  Lindi Rivers will chant from it, as will others.  The women from Holy Blossom, including Rabbi Splansky and Temple President Joan Garson will have an aliyah.  The men from our group will lend strength and support with their voices in prayer from the men’s section of the Kotel.

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  • Pnina Margolese

    How very exciting. We look forward to hearing all about this wonderful mitzvah with the Women of the Wall. We will be thinking of you while we are praying at our Rosh Chodesh service on Sunday. Yashe Koach!

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