In Grade 7

On Monday, the grade seven classes discussed a few of the many times that people have had to move quickly.  We looked back to the story of Passover and remembered how the Jews had to leave Egypt, then we considered the migration out of Poland during the second world war.

Then we turned our attention to Syrian refugees and evacuees from Ft. McMurray.  Our tradition teaches that “In every generation, we must see ourselves as having personally fled Egypt” so students brainstormed lists of items that they would bring with them if they needed to leave their homes quickly.  We looked for common threads in our lists to see what, as a group, are the things that are most important to us.  Friends, family, photos, and devices for communicating were all important to students.

We closed class by thinking about how empathy for others is fostered when we seek to make personal connections between our narratives (historic or current) and the narratives of others


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