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Hillary Clinton at AIPAC. Photo from Reuters

Hillary Clinton at AIPAC. Photo from Reuters

By Rabbi John Moscowitz.

As with many, I opposed the 2015 Iran Deal negotiated between the White House (no need to kid ourselves about the P-5) and the Iranian mullahs. I said so forthrightly last July while speaking at a rally before the U.S. Consulate in Toronto.

My words that afternoon, particularly about President Obama, were unsparing. “It’s not so much that the shrewd Iranians outflanked the naive Americans”, I observed.  “It is that President Obama, fueled by an ideology he deliberately sought to hide (or, to put it more delicately, due to being in want of a ‘legacy’), pursued this from the beginning.”

I judge presidents and prime ministers (I’m an American who’s lived almost thirty years now in Canada), and so cast my ballot, based on four matters, the first three in the realm of foreign policy: the need, chaotic world as ours is, for an interventionist US foreign policy; the requirement in the Middle East, the most chaotic of all neighbourhoods, for political leaders to have Israel’s back; and the capacity of our leaders to summon the political will to name radical Islam as the scourge it is. Finally, on the home front, I readily favor elected officials who push for an expansionist immigration approach, one simultaneously sane and liberal. Others have their essentials, I have mine.


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