Dear JK Parents,

 I hope you all had a great March break and are ready to start preparing for Passover! Today, the JKs finished learning the Mah Nishtanah and we acted out the story of Passover. We all enjoyed acting out the role of the Isrealites and discussing how they might have felt at different points of the story. We also learned about the ten plagues that were sent to Pharaoh and made bags of props.

 A quick reminder that our mock Seder will be on April 17 at 10:30 am in the Eisendrath. If you could kindly let us know at drop-off next week how many guests we can expect for your child, that would be a big help.

Next week, we will continue to get ready for our mock Seder by practicing our Passover songs and making our own matzah. See you then!

Have a great week, Shavua Tov!


Alexandra Bergman


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