In Grade 2

Shalom Grade 2 Families,

This week we were busy with our FINAL preparations for our Siyum Hasefer! The students have been working very hard to prepare lines, songs, and art work to showcase in 2 weeks to all their guests.

Some important details:

Please dress your child in a white top and dark bottoms (black pants, skirts or jeans) -please make sure they come prepared WITH SCRIPTS! (Also, encourage them to practice their lines at home)

We will be starting at 10:30 am on Sunday May 1st in the Youth Chapel with a service. We invite parents, grandparents and all proud guests to attend! If for whatever reason your child will not be able to attend, please email me at [email protected] so we can re-assign any parts.

Chag Paseach Sameach and have a great week,


Sunday April 17 grade 2

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