In Grade 1

Dear Parents:

This week, our focus was on learning about Passover. We started off our day with learning about Bedikat Chametz, which is the search for Chametz. The students went around the class looking for remaining Chametz pieces with a wooden spoon, feather, candle and plastic bag to put the remaining Chametz. Then we learned about what we can eat on Passover like Matzah balls, eggs, and charoset. What are we not allowed to eat on Passover? Things like pizza, bread, and pasta. All the grade one’s went to the gym to sing Ma Nishtana to the JK and SK’s who were having their own Seder, they were amazing! With Shinshinim, we learned about the ten plagues and played Passover bingo where we learned even more about Passover, especially that it took the Jewish people forty years to walk to Israel.

I wish everyone a Chag Sameach and a good Seder! I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, May 1st, 2016 when we return to school. When we return we will continue to learn the Hebrew letters and will begin with the letter Resh. Have a great Passover! I’m eager to hear about how well they did on the Ma Nishtana. Please encourage your children to bring Tzedakah each week.




Grade 1.3 Sunday

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