In Grade 1

We learned a new Hebrew letter, the letter Koof. Our word of the day was Keshet, which means Rainbow. Our class learned that in the story of Noah’s Ark they saw a rainbow, Keshet. As a class we all drew a rainbow.

As you know, Passover is quickly approaching and we took the opportunity to read a terrific book about Passover. We learned that we clean our houses on Passover because we need to get rid of all the chametz from our house. During Seder the Afikoman, a half peice of Matzah is set aside or hidden for children to find and eat after the meal is over. We made our very own Afikoman bags for Passover! We sang the Ma Nishtanah and we sound great!

Next week, we will continuing to learn about Passover and the differences between Chametz and Matzah. We will also learn about Biur Chametz, which is when we go around our house and search for Chametz, which will be removed from the home during Passover.

Our main focus will be Passover and continuing to practice the Ma Nishtanah.


Daniella Lebow

Grade 1 Sun 10 Ariella


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