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By Cantor Benjamin Maissner.

Erev Yom Tov for the Seventh Night of Pesach
The Survival of the Haggadah
A Different Night: Music for Passover –
Haggadah Suite

Thursday, April 28, 2016 | 7:30 p.m. Service | Program to follow
Tickets not required

I had the privilege to be counted among Srul’s z”l close friends. I met Srul and his glorious music at one of our CA conventions in the early seventies. His music just penetrated into everyone’s soul. His Beth Tikvah Choir mesmerized us all with the luscious, sweet, soft and deeply emotional melodic flair, yet sophisticated and skillfully
composed. Simple craftsmanship in every respect of serious composition, Srul’s music radiated Jewish authenticity.

Srul was born in 1934 and studied at the University of Toronto. He received his Masters of Music in 1958. He pursued his studies in Paris with Darius Milhaud, Louis Saguer and Max Deutsch. Music was always an integral part of his life and he seeped into Jewish traditional music through the teachings of his father who was a Cantor. Srul’s childhood was filled with uninterrupted musical experience.

Glick’s music covers the wide gamut of musical compositions. Among his many compositions are song cycles such as I Never Saw Another Butterfly, We Are Children Just The Same, Northern Sketches. Srul’s choral music covers the entire Jewish liturgical calendar – Violin Concerto Lamentation for string quartet. Two symphonies, a Choral and a Psalm Symphony. His listing of compositions is endless and each ascends higher and higher in mastership and artistry.

From an early age Srul told me about his memories around the Pesach Seder table and the rousing songs which filled his Neshamah. He started to write melodies to be sung at the Seder. Later he arranged about seventeen of these songs for mixed choir and string quintet. Like the text of the Haggadah itself, the music creates the mood that symbolizes the ceremony at the Seder table. The rich and haunting musical sequences embrace the story, songs, food and drinks which embellishes the mystery and disputation of the Desert.

As the story of Pesach unfolds at the Seder table we experience with each melody and musical phrase a unique message which helps us to fulfill the ritual of Miztvah aseh shel achilat Matzah and Moror. Srul Glick knows how to communicate through music. His music makes us aware of our deep tradition of yesterday and the vision of the future. The music of the Haggadah combines elements of tradition, simplicity and modernity at the same time. The string accompaniment gives it an archaic ethereal quality. His asymmetrical rhythms juxtaposed with simple singable, melodic lines, challenges the listener but encourages the family around the table to participate and become an integral part of the Seder.

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