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Jewish-Latin Fiesta

Sunday, June 5, 2016
7:30 p.m.
as part of Jewish Music Week Toronto

The exciting sounds of South American Latin Jewish Music.

This concert replaces the originally scheduled concert of the Glory of Western European Jewish Music Reborn, with the Hannover Synagogal Choir. The exciting group of Latin American Cantors and a large band will no doubt lift our hearts and the roof of our Sanctuary.

Information and tickets are available by contacting Mari Lynn at 416-789-3291, ext. 224 or [email protected]Adults – $40; Students/Youth (18 years and under) $20.

The spirit of the south

Jewish music of Latin American Synagogue cultures
Renowned Hazzanim Gaston and Ari will make you jump out of your seats.

When we sing together we express emotion, connect to our roots and build deeper relationships. We give voice to our dreams

Malachei Mambo is a Jewish Latin project that showcase the influence of Latin Rhythms into the Liturgy, American and Israeli music. This includes a lot of shticks and humor in addition to education on Latin Jewish culture. This is usually with 6-12 Latin piece band. Including some twists around old Hazzanuth (Authentic Cantorial art).

Concept of the Project: With this project and type of concerts, we want to expose the audience to who we are and our Latin American identity, our rich music and our culture through our Jewish identity. By no means the arrangements of the liturgical melodies played in this project represent the way we daven (pray) in our countries. To the contrary, this project is a fantasy and a playful Midrashic encounter between some of our mellow and soothing congregational melodies, now published in our first Anthology “Ruach Hadarom”,(spirit of the South) with the exciting and rich array of genres from all Latin America. This project also presents to the audience to the various musical influences Latin American music has had in Israel as well as the North America and other parts of the world.

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