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By Sara Charney.

Thank-you a thousand times over for all of the work you devoted to the magnificent performance of the Kedusha yesterday.

Cantor Osborne wrote a magnificent liturgical piece which you then brought to life in all its glory! I know that you devoted countless hours to rehearsing the score with the Temple singers, the professional choir and all of the musicians. The performance was exquisite and truly exceeded all of my hopes and dreams. My mother and father would have both loved this piece and the inspiring performance.

My sisters and I were so moved by your presentation of the score to us on the bimah as well as the words you spoke. Thank-you for bringing to life the stirring sounds of a special part of the Kedusha while we were facing the choir. That was a moment in my life which I will never forget. It was emotional and uplifting–a unique and very special moment in my life.

Bless you, dear Beny, for bestowing such care and love to this special piece of music.

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  • Sara Charney

    Thank-you, Arlene, Susan and Caroline for your beautiful comments! Chag Pesach Sameach.

  • Arlene Roth

    Thank you Gelber sisters for the beautiful music. It was a uplifting to hear Charle Osbourne’s Kedusha at the Shabbat, Pesach service surrounded by fellow congregants . Also, thank you for an especially delicious Kiddish Lunch.

  • Susan Cohen

    Thanks to you Sara and your sisters. Commissioning new music is so important – it makes Jewish music new again.

  • Caroline Ingvaldsen

    Heartfelt thanks to Sara and her sisters from a grateful Temple Singer.

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