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splansky_tightBy Rabbi Yael Splansky.

Many remember the groundbreaking work of The AIDS Committee in the 1980’s and 90’s, when Holy Blossom rabbis, lay leaders, and countless volunteers offered a range of supports for people living with and dying from AIDS.  Their partners and extended families were welcomed with dignity and care at a time when most of the Jewish community was silent.

The rabbinic question of marriage officiation, however, was not a question of compassion; it was a question of Jewish and civil law.  Rabbi Moscowitz gave this sermon nearly four years ago when he announced his decision to officiate.  He shared the news widely; highlights of his sermon appeared in The Globe and Mail.

Pride CollageTwo years ago I was interviewed by The Canadian Jewish News about the question of officiation and I shared this photograph of our beautiful rainbow chuppah standing proudly in our sanctuary.

And yet still to this day, people do not seem to know that our rabbis are ready, willing, and able to officiate at all life cycle events for Jewish LGBT couples and families.  Please help to get the good word out.  It is another important example of our Renewal of Spirit.

Holy Blossom has been supporting Kulanu’s float in Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade for seven years now.  Kulanu means “All of Us.” 

Mark your calendar for July 3, 2016 and show your pride.


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  • Heather Halpert

    I am remarkably proud of our Rabbis and our congregation in regard to their stand on performing same sex marriages!!
    We remain leaders in social action and social justice!
    Our building may be in a state of confusion and flux but we remain dedicated to our Mission Statement.

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