In Grade 3

Hatikvah was sung with the help of our class. The Shamashim were:  Julia and Rebecca during service. We shared our Shabbat/highlights and Tzedaka.

On Sunday, we focused on our rehearsals with Dara’s class (grade 2) for our Siyum Ha-Sefer presentation.  Each student received their own or shared lines with another classmate.

Just a reminder, that each student should practice his or her lines and songs during the March-Break/ Purim. (Each student got the package of the play). Please remember to bring the Siyum Ha-Sefer package to our next class on April 3rd.

During Hebrew we reviewed the blessing for the Megilla and the different key words for Purim.

Please continue to review the letters and vowels using the following website: It is a long break and we don’t want to lose any of the great momentum we have…..

Have an enjoyable March-Break and Happy Purim!



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