In Grade 2

Shalom Grade 2 Families,

This week we started our morning by reviewing our Siyum Hasefer with the Grade 3 class. The students have their final parts and have been practicing their lines and group songs. We have sent home scripts for our performance, so please practice with your child and make sure they keep it in perfect condition to return back to class in April! Looking forward to seeing everyone on May 1st for the Siyum.

We continued our morning with a visit from the Shinshinim and learned all about Purim traditions and festivities in Israel. We finished our session by playing a great game of musical chairs!

 After services we continued learning more about the Purim story and Mitzvot around the holiday.

We will not have Sunday school for the rest of the month of March. Looking forward to seeing everyone back April 3rd.

Chag Purim Sameach and have a great March Break,




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