In Grade 6

 This week, our grade six classes combined for a very exciting research project.   Our students were divided into research teams before receiving their assignments.

 Each team was given a briefing package that included a reading and some resources about an important time or event in Jewish history.  Their job was to research the event and fill out the provided template, to help guide their process along.

 All groups, armed with their information packets and a wireless device, retreated into corners of the room to begin.  Answering the 5 W’s to start their inquiries, a lot of great conversations and questions could be overheard.

The creative aspect of the assignment, which will follow in the coming weeks include a presentation of information and quiz; written, performed and administered by each group.

It was inspiring to see the grade six students take ownership of their learning and work so well together.  We look forward to what the final results will look like.





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