In Grade 7

First hour – Grade 7 – Both classes; together!

(Daniel, Samantha, Stuart – with a guest cameo appearance of Elana)

This week we were lucky enough to combine both classes and have a wonderful round table discussion. We also had the opportunity to welcome Elana Paice Lidsky, our Grade 10 Confirmation teacher, who led us in the interesting discussion.

 From the start of the hour, Elana grabbed our attention with a brief reading. Once we read the passage aloud, our group discussion began.

We talked about the concept of being wise and having wisdom.  Each and every student had interesting points and perspectives to share.  The discussion led us in many directions and kept us all interested.   

Historical and more modern examples were drawn upon and all students participated in the lively back and forth.  The only thing we needed in this class, was more time. Before we knew it, the period was over and it was time for break.

Second hour, we had a super fun pre-Purim murder mystery game.  Based on the HBT Renewal project, we had a tour of the new Roher library. Everyone had a great time trying to figure out who doneit!

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