In Grade 6

In Hebrew class we read the blessing before the Haftarah reading, we translated it and learned how to chant it.

The tune for both blessings (before and after) are being sent to the kids mail address, as per their request.

We’ve noticed that the word choose repeats in this blessing, as it does in the blessings of the Torah. Only here we thank God for choosing the good prophets – prophets of truth and justice; us, as his people and the Torah and Mosses.

**On Monday during our monthly tefillah service, Rabbi Satz led a beautiful service with the assistance of our Grade 11 student, Harley Jonatan. The focus was on Social Justice. Rabbi Satz shared the importance of not just knowing that we have excellent programs at HBT like Out of the Cold, helping to bring refugee families from Syria to  Canada, but also being a part of helping and doing as well.

Our upcoming Mitzvah Day program, Sunday May 15th, will partner with a program called ” Nothing but Nets”, which provides nets that go over beds, for people in countries where malaria and other diseases exist. These nets reduce the malaria, caused by mosquitos, which are very prevelant during nighttime hours, by drastic numbers, especially in children. Stayed tuned for more details. There will be many opportunities for active participation.

Get your basketball shoes shined!! Also, our two Social Action V-P chairs in HABSTY, Avery Beutel, and Georgia Blatt, shared some of the projects that they are planning through our senior youth group. We can talk about social justice programs, or we can get involved in the action. There are actions we can take to  make a difference!



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