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March 28, 2016
7:30 p.m.


Over the past number of years Rabbis Yoel Glick and John Moscowitz have carried on a private conversation about the matters which animate them and define two different, but equally serious rabbinates. Their conversations– about the interior life, about God and belief, about the condition of the Jews, among other things–have spurred them toward a friendship, and, sometimes, changes in their thinking.

Rabbi Glick is perhaps the foremost teacher of contemporary Jewish spirituality. He’s the author, this year alone, of two pathbreaking books on the subject: “Living The Life of Jewish Meditation” and “Walking the Path of the Jewish Mystic” (both Jewish Lights Publishing).  A native of Toronto, Rabbi Glick lives in France and Jerusalem.

Rabbi Moscowitz is rabbi emeritus of Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto, and the author of the recently published “Evolution of An Unorthodox Rabbi” (Dundurn Press). He’s writing a memoir about his days as a young radical in Venice, California.

One rabbi has Orthodox s’micha, the other Reform s’micha– though you can’t always tell which is which. Neither is typical and both learn from one another.

Come and join this ongoing conversation!

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