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Shalom everyone

We had so much fun  learning about Noam’s  home town in Israel Segev -a small, beautiful place in northern Israel, she also taught us a cool dance.

Today, we started a new lesson about the prophet Jeremiah, who was  unhappy with the job that he was to do. He is first in a few literary prophets that we will cover. In Hebrew, we started the blessings for peace.

We read the first one, the one that is said in the evening and we have learned the meaning of root for the word peace- Shalom is whole in Hebrew. (We can find that root in the words Shelomo-king Solomon’s name and also in Jerusalem). The kids did an amazing job at Teffila today and I am so proud  of them all.

Have a great week and I hope to see  you on Friday evening for our special grade 4 and 5 family service.


NEW! Family First Fridays in the ‘Main’ Service and Shabbat Dinner



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