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ConstructionRenewal construction updates (almost) as they happen, for the week of Feb. 8, 2016.

There are just a couple of technical odds and ends to clean up before the preparatory work for Phase 1 construction is complete.

Anyone who has gone through a renovation or building project knows this story well. Sometimes a project can’t quite finish because you’re waiting on one key piece. To that end, Bell Canada has promised us that they’ll soon finish connecting our new telephone lines. This will enable our equipment supplier to install the new telephone switches and put phone sets in each of our temporary office spaces. At that point, our security contractors can finish their work and our staff will be able to move into their temporary spaces.

In the meantime, our patient staff and ever-helpful volunteers continue to pack up the offices, fill shredding bins and generally prepare for the move.

On the good news front, our new LARGER, QUIETER and FASTER elevator is gradually getting more use, especially on Saturday mornings when our Torah Study attendees use it to make their way up to the Youth Chapel. And our much needed new signage will arrive soon, greatly easing wayfinding in and around Temple.

As a reminder to you all, the balance of Phase 1 construction will include our beautiful and transformative sunlit Central Atrium, our new Family Chapel, coffee shop, Youth Lounge and so much more – in a LEED Silver certified, environmentally friendly building.

To that point, our Building Committee, with the guidance of our architect and our cost consultant, has reviewed the bids from the six pre-qualified general contractor firms bidding to oversee construction of the balance of Phase 1 and is engaged in a value-engineering exercise with the contractor that submitted the best bid.  As first noted in our mid-December construction update, this is an ongoing process, which will take up to a couple of months to complete. Our aim is to reduce the cost of the rest of Phase 1 construction, as the bids came in higher than anticipated, when measured against the estimates prepared by our cost consultant.

Once again, thanks to all for your continued support of our Renewal Project. For the most up to date photos and video of construction in progress, please click here.

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