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Tali Jan 10Since about September I have been working in the Youth Education Centre with Ariella Markus, the teacher in one of the Grade 1 classes on Sunday morning. Opposite to what many people would think, Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week! When I walk in the classroom, the kids that are there before me yell my name and run for a hug.

Volunteering as a Madricha (student teacher) makes me feel so useful and it is one of the most rewarding things one can ever do. All 10 of our kids are so unique, energetic and bring something different to the classroom. This makes every class different and I never get bored. Although I am 15 and most of the kids are 6, I never notice the age difference. I can have conversations with them as though they are my best friends. They already know so much more about me than half the people in my school! When not talking about music (One Direction mostly) or sports, I help out with activities, help plan lessons, supervise the kids and run a get materials if they are not in the class.

I remember when I was younger and going to Sunday school, I looked up to the older kids and now I hope that I can have the same influence on them, as my student teachers did me.

Carly Baldachin

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