In Grade 3

We sang the Hatikvah, shared our Shabbat highlights and Tsedaka. We had an interesting session/discussion around  Jewish weddings as part of the Jewish life cycle. We learned few terms that are significant at a Jewish wedding such as: Chuppa, Chatan, Kalah, Ketubba, Kiddushin and Simacha. Also, we discussed that the bride and the groom are called to the Torah the Shabbat prior to their wedding date.

During Hebrew we reviewed reading from the last lesson “Mem sofit” as in Le’chayim. Today, we learned new  vowels Cholam/Cholam Chaser as in the key word “ Torah” and also the new letter “Tet” as in “Talit” prayer Shawl.

Please ensure reviewing the letters and vowels using the following website:

Next session, we will resume on Feb 21. We will continue to work on the Jewish Life cycle –Jewish wedding in our special scrapbook. In addition, we will have a special session with Rabbi Helfman to have a close look at the Torah.

Enjoy the family long weekend…


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