In Grade 3

We were busy bees today with fun activities. We sang Hatikvah with the help of our two great Shamashim: Ruby and Leah. We shared our Shabbat/highlights and donated to our class Tzedaka fund. We continued to rehearse with Dara’s class (grade 2) for Siyum Ha-Sefer presentation, which will take place on May 1, 2016. Students are working extremely hard on the play. We are creating our own illustrated version of the “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle in Hebrew.

We continued learning about ‘the Jewish Wedding’. We had an opportunity to watch my own traditional Jewish wedding…in addition to learning all kinds of things that happen at a Jewish wedding, we also learned that the breaking of the glass happens as a reminder of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem –  and with every simcha – joyous occasion, we have the memory of times that were not great.

We inserted all the Jewish Wedding key words in our Jewish Life-cycle Scrapbook.

During Hebrew we reviewed all the key words on the board. We learned the letters Pay and Samech as in the word, ‘Pesach’ Passover.

We had our quiz today up to and included lesson #16.

Please ensure reviewing the letters and vowels using the following website: lesson #17

Have a great week


Maya Feb 28

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