In Grade 2

Shalom Grade 2 Families,

This week we started our morning by meeting with the grade 3s to practice some songs we are performing for our Siyum Hasefer on May 1st! The students are preparing so nicely and I encourage students to make sure they’re in class and ready at the start of class (9:30 am) each week so we we can practice.

We then had a visit from our Shinshinim and learned all about Noam’s life in Israel and made challah designs together, a tradition she does with her mother for Shabbat. Please feel free to cook and enjoy the challah at home 🙂 She included the recipe in the bag!

We also reviewed the holiday of Purim and will discuss it in more details next week in class. We finished lessons 20 and 21 in Ivrit and began preparing a special keepsake book the students will have ready at our Siyum Hasefer.

Shavuah Tov,



From Noam:

We watched a video showing Noams home, Ya’ad (yeshuv) and the whole area she lives in, Misgav.

In the video we got to see her family and her mom making Chalah for Shabbat dinner. Afterwards we all made chalah together, took it home together with a recipe.



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