In Grade 3

We had a busy day today, filled with great activities. We sang Hatikvah  with the help of our two great Shamashim: Georgia and Jordana also during service.  We shared our Shabbat/highlights and Tsedaka.

Today, we officially started to practice with Dara’s class (grade 2) for Siyum Ha-Sefer presentation (completion of our Hebrew text book), which will take place on May 1, 2016. Please mark this day on your calendar to celebrate your son/daughter’s special Hebrew learning achievement.

We are so thankful to our madricha (Riva) who helped with many activities  during our day.

Next week, we will continue leaning about Jewish Weddings and will be able to add it to our Jewish Scrapbook. We will also continue learning about Purim.

We had an interesting session with Rabbi Helfman. We had an opportunity to undress/dress the Torah along with taking a close up look at it. We found out that there are no vowels in the Torah and there some unique letters that have special crowns.

During Hebrew, we reviewed all the key words so far and wrote the English meaning to them. We learned the vowels Tseree/Tseree male’ as in the word “Emet” –Truth.

We introduced the holiday of Purim and it’s mitzvoth.

Please ensure reviewing the letters and vowels using the following website: lesson #16 We will have a short quiz next week.

Shavoua Tov



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