In Grade 2

We had a great day in art with Sandra, where we drew dragons for the Chinese New Year. In Shinishim we learned about Noam’s hometown, Yaad in Israel. We saw the house where she lives, the store she goes to, and the school she went to.  It was really nice and she shared with us that she makes Challah with her family. Noam wanted to share this with all of us and we made Challah too. The class listened to the story of Purim about queen Esther, King Achashverosh, Mordecai, and Vashti. Luckily, queen Esther saved the day and protected the Jewish people.

Next week, we will be continuing to discuss Purim learning about Mishloach Manot, which is a bag filled with food that we exchange to our family and friends as a mitzvah. We celebrate Purim by reading from the Megillah, wear costumes, and have a party. Our new Hebrew letter we will be learning is Ayin. We will also be beginning to learn the Ma Nishtanah.

– Daniella Lebow


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