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FEBRUARY 21, 2016
TIME: 9:30 AM

  1. Welcome and D’var Torah (to be determined)
  1. Approval of Minutes
  • Approve minutes of last AGM held November 12, 2015.
  1. President’s Report from Mike Morgulis (MM)
  • Update on HBT Board.
  • Update on construction activities.
  • Update on requests for funding from BH including $40,000 allotted for a named contribution towards the new Temple project to be determined.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Presentation of financial statements for last fiscal year(s) and budget for upcoming fiscal year.
  1. Brotherhood Annual General Meeting
  • Election of Brotherhood Board of Directors positions, including President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Programming Chair, Communication Chair and general board members.
  1. Summary of significant Brotherhood projects and undertakings from the past year
    • Yartzheit candle initiative.
    • Plaut commentaries.
    • Donations to Camp George, Kutz Camp, Richard Ludwig re: HBT’s study in Israel initiative.
  1. Reports from Brotherhood members on other committees
    • Temple Board nominating committee (Peter Weinwurm)
    • Transition Committee.
    • Worship Committee
  1. Upcoming events
    • final winter breakfasts, June Sisterhood/Brotherhood BBQ Havdallah, Autumn Retreat.
  1. Sunday morning breakfasts
  • Next Breakfast on Sun. Mar. 6.
  • Speaker: TBD.
  • Confirm food to be served.
  1. Other
  • Including new business.
  1. Confirm date of next Brotherhood business meeting with new executive board members
  • Scheduled for Wed. Mar. 9, 2016.
  1. Motion to Adjourn
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