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Renewal construction updates (almost) as they happen, for the week of January 25, 2016.

Renewal TourWe are right at the conclusion of the extensive Phase 1 preparatory work, which allows us to remain at our beloved campus at 1950 Bathurst St. throughout the balance of Phase 1 construction.

During the past week our contractor has installed most of the missing door hardware and has completed the final paint touch ups to the temporary office spaces. Our patient staff will begin to move their files and work materials this week, in anticipation of the movers, who are arriving shortly to haul the desks and other heavy furniture. Bell should complete its work on the lines by about February 1st, enabling the security and technology suppliers to finish up. We are hopeful that the only significant piece of this preparatory work that will remain after next week will be the installation of the terrazzo floor for the new, north stairwell.

As a reminder, the balance of Phase 1 construction will include our beautiful transformative sunlit Central Atrium, as well as our new Family Chapel, coffee shop, Youth Lounge and so much more – in a LEED Silver certified, environmentally friendly building.

To that point, our Building Committee, with the guidance of our architect and our cost consultant, has reviewed the bids from the six pre-qualified general contractor firms bidding to oversee construction of the balance of Phase 1 and is engaged in a value-engineering exercise with the contractor that submitted the best bid. As first noted in our mid-December construction update, this ongoing process, which will take up to a couple of months to complete, aims to reduce the cost of the rest of Phase 1 construction, as the bids came in higher than anticipated, when measured against the estimates prepared by our cost consultant.

Once again, thanks to all for your continued support of our Renewal Project. For the most up to date photos and video of construction in progress, please click here.

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