In Grade 6

Grade 6 Hebrew:

 This week we continued to look at Ashrei. We used this prayer as a reading exercise finding words with similar beginnings, endings and roots. Students also played a reading game in groups. We spent more time on the blessing said before reading Torah, which most students are now comfortable with. Students are encouraged to take some initiative and practice Ashrei at home – the language is tricky! Please contact us if your child needs another copy of the prayer or access to the recording.

Grade 6 Core:

This week we began our study of the history of the Jewish community. We began by brainstorming what our Jewish community looks like, feels like, sounds like, tastes like right now. We’ll use this as a model with which we will compare and contrast. For example, we are looking at the First Temple period right now, so we discussed the temple and animal sacrifices, in comparison to synagogue and prayer.


grade 6

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