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Shalom everyone:

We had a visit again from our Shinshinim today that taught us more about Israel, this time about the town of Haderra.  We went over some of the information about Deborah and most songs about her were written already. In Hebrew we read Hoda’ah again, copy of the prayer was sent home for practice. We also learned how to say I have in Hebrew, and we have learned the names for some pets.

Have a great week. Tali

A note from our Shinshinim:

Today we had a program about my city in Israel, Hadera.  As we came back a week ago from winter break from Israel, we’ve decided to do programs about our homes.  Throughout the program the kids learned many facts about Hadera, they’ve seen all kind of interesting sites in the city.  All of that through fun games like- memory matching game, guessing game and a puzzle. 


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