In Grade 3

We sang the Hatikvah with the help of our two great Shamashim: Ruby and Violet and also during service. Shared our Shabbat/highlights and Tsedaka. We continued with Jewish life cycle event “Bar/Bat Mitzvah”. We reviewed key words : Mitzvah, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, D’var Torah, Torah reading, Haftarah, Minyan , Yad, Talit and included into our Jewish Life cycle scrapbook.

Also, we had discussed the holiday Tu B’shvat and the importance of it to us. We viewed on Ipad the beginning of the book “Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. Next week, we will be able to finish it and work in small groups to answer some questions.

During Hebrew we practiced all our Hebrew letters /vowels that we learned. Also, we learned our letter Chet for Challa (Challa bread) and Yud for Alyia (Going up to the Bima  or Immigrating to Israel).

Please note that we will have a short quiz up and included lesson 12.

Please ensure reviewing the letters and vowels using the following website :

Have a Shavoua Tov!


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