In Grade 7

This week the class took part in a fun and thoughtful activity in preparation of our study of other world religions.

Taking a gallery tour of the activity room, each student responded to a number of statements posted on the walls about our Temple, community, and religion. After marking the statement they agreed and disagreed with, we undertook in a discussion focused on what the statements meant to each individual.
We aimed to define our relationships with Reform Judaism, Israel, and the Temple, so that we can better understand other religions and the various levels of Judaism.

In the second hour, we had our Israeli friends Noam and Bar run a fun program where we learned about different Israeli’s, their diverse backgrounds and how immigration or change to a new place can be difficult. We will look at the difficulties of Aliya, stereotyping, moving to a new school for instance, and how Toronto is similar to Israel in many of these issues.

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