In Grade 3

Welcome back to everyone in Maya’s grade 3 class!

We discussed the next Jewish life cycle event, “Bar/Bat Mitzvah”. The class divided into two groups led by Neil (our Madrich and myself). We reviewed key words around this event such as Mitzvah, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, D’var Torah, Torah reading, Haftarah, Minyan , Yad, Talit etc.

Next week, we will be able to incorporate those words into our Jewish Life cycle scrapbook.

During Hebrew we practiced all our Hebrew letters that we have learned; reading each one with the various vowels. Also, we learned our letter Nun and Nun Sofit. This is our first time learning that in Hebrew we have final letters. (The key-word is ‘prophet’, navi).
Please ensure your child is reviewing the letters and vowels using the following website:

Have a great week,

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