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la-ca-jc-glen-kurtz-20141123-002Wednesday, January 27, 2016
7:30 p.m.

Three Minutes in Poland begins as the story of an old family film rediscovered and veers into an important tale of Polish shtetls during World War II.” –
Elie Wiesel

Come see a glimpse of normal shtetl life on the eve of its destruction, hear about a woman discovering her grandfather’s young face in a salvaged film, and learn about the connection to Holy Blossom.

Glenn Kurtz will discuss his book, Three Minutes in Poland. Selected by The New Yorker and many others as one of the best books of the year.Manischewitz-Logo

Sponsored and food provided by Manischewitz. 

To RSVP, please email Hayley McAdam at [email protected]

The CBC just interviewed Glenn Kurtz who will be speaking tonight at Holy Blossom Temple about his book “Three Minutes in Poland.” Come and commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The interview portion of the video starts at the 40:27 mark. Click below to watch.


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  • Cheryl Sylvester

    Terrific interview Michael & Glenn. Looking forward to this unique program this evening.

  • Michael Valihora

    See Glenn (and maybe me) on CBC local news tonight at around 6:40.

  • Michael Valihora

    Rabbi Satz, I completely agree. Understandably, so much of Holocaust study is focussed on the actual victims and their experiences of the war. When I went to Nasielsk last year with Glenn Kurtz and other descendants it was a reminder that a functioning community had vanished.
    It looks like we may be getting some press coverage on CFRB and the CBC for this event. Stay tuned!
    Did we mention that there will be food?!

  • Rabbi Michael Satz

    I’m excited to learn about what Jewish life in Poland was like before the war. I think that a beautiful way to commemorate that Holocaust is to learn about the vital civilization that was destroyed so that it becomes part of all of our stories.

  • Lisi Tesher

    I am so excited to share this amazing story with the Holy Blossom community!
    Thank you so much, Michael, for bringing this to my attention last year.
    I look forward to meeting Glenn in person.

  • Cheryl Sylvester

    You may have heard of this fascinating story of “Three Minutes in Poland” by Glenn Kurtz – an American who discovered footage of 1938 pre-Holocaust Poland on his grandparents European vacation film from that year. Nasielsk was a town of 3,000 Jews in 1938, fewer than 100 survived, including Glenn’s grandfather. When Glenn discovered the film, he donated it to the US Holocaust Memorial Musuem. The story has since gone “viral” in the Jewish world on the internet, and now includes our Holy Blossom member, Michael Valihora, whose grandmother, Sarah was one of those fewer than 100 from Nasielsk who survived.
    Promises to be a fascinating evening of discovery and re-discovery!

  • Michael Valihora

    I have known Glenn for two years and can assure everyone that this will be a fascinating and engaging discussion from a perspective that usually isn’t seen.

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