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By Rabbi Jordan Helfman.

Out of the Mouths of Babes:
Pam: “I’m just going to use the washroom and I’ll be right back.”
Child: “I want to come with you.  I’ll behave.”
Pam: “Of course you will.  I’ll be right back. I would like to have some privacy.”
Child: “I won’t look!!”

Pam2Many of you will recognize this story as coming from a collection “Out of the Mouths of Babes” shared every month by our Early Childhood Centre Director Extraordinaire, Pam Hamovitch.

They show her sensitivity and her personal touch, and just how much our students love her and love being in our Nursery and Pre-Nursery program under her warm and careful direction.  Join with me and the large chorus of other Nursery and Pre-Nursery School parents, grandparents and great-grandparents in saying “Thank You” to Pam and wishing her much happiness in her upcoming retirement.

We know that the work Pam and her team of teachers does is crucial for providing our little ones a strong start.  Research again and again shows the importance of language and attitudinal skills in literally wiring the brains of our little ones to give them the potential to be successful later in life.

But Pam’s work reaches far beyond her pedagogical prowess – she is the heart of our Early Childhood community.  She has provided support and comfort to so many of us dropping off our children, making sure that they are in an environment with teachers that we can trust and learning we can rely upon.  I recently heard that Pam told one father struggling with drop-off, “You were in my preschool class and came out OK, and your child will be fine, too.”  She has rallied the community when there have been individuals in need of support, and encouraged our school to be a champion for good causes, such as after the typhoon in the Philippines.

After 22 years with us, it is going to be hard to not see her ushering the next generation through their routines.  We will see her here, though as she will be joining us again as a grandparent –  Pam’s own grandchild is joining us next fall!

As our texts teach:

“Let the honor of your [student] be as dear to you as your own,
the honor of your companion
as great as the awe you feel for your teacher,
and the awe for your teacher
as great as your fear of Heaven.” (Mishnah Avot 4:12)

Pam continually lives up to this text, and we are in awe of the dedication and love that Pam has gifted to our children and to us. I am looking forward to a great rest of the semester, and to seeing you around next year!

For a letter from Debbie Spiegel, Rabbi Splansky and Judy Winberg sharing their thanks and the plans for the future, please click here.

A final note: While this bathroom story seems silly, it is actually paralleled in the Talmud Brachot 62a, where students are eager to learn everything they can from our greatest sages – just another great example of how Pam is an extraordinary teacher, knowingly or not!


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  • Sol, Jen, Talia, Samuel, Alex and Daniela Birenbaum

    We are so grateful for the home you created for all four of our kids! They were nurtured, taught and loved by you and the team of teachers you lead. We wish you all the best as you embark on this new phase of your life! Thank you!

  • Liz Tarshis

    Dear Pam,
    We wish you all the best and thank you for the rich and wonderful learning environment you and your teachers provided our girls. Lasting friendships were made for both parents and children.
    Liz, Rick, Rebecca and Emma Lash

  • Mark Weinstock & Family

    We are fans of you and your amazing work!

  • Yael Splansky

    Dear Pam,
    Adam and I are so grateful for how you and your faculty of the finest teachers launched our three boys into the world of schooling. You instilled in them a love of learning, a love of Judaism, and a love for Holy Blossom Temple. Five days a week you taught them that this was a place of discovery and belonging, a place for good questions and good friendships. We will miss your leadership and promise to carry on with your legacy.
    With thanks and praise,
    Rabbi Yael Splansky

  • Beny Maissner

    Pam has been a force of strength in our community. I have witnessed my own grandchildren enjoy, grow, and develop under her incredible skills.
    We wish Pam all the best health, luck, and for many good years ahead.
    We’ll miss her as we bid her SHALOM V’KOL TUV.

  • Alana Cox

    You were such a wonderful leader for both the children and the parents. We have nothing but the fondest memories and the kids still speak of their wonderful experiences at the preschool. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.

    The Cox family

  • Nicola Simmons & Michael Cooper

    Thank you so much for all you have done for our children. The foundation you have given them has been so important in their education. We wish you much nachas!!

    Nicola and Michael

  • Debbie Spiegel

    Thank you Pam for all that you do every day for the children of our community. We treasure the time that you have been with us and are thankful that “we are not done yet”!
    You are the best!!

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