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Click image above for more details

After many months of planning, our Teen trip to Israel is a reality, and we would love to have your teen in Grades 10-12 join us.

We already have confirmation that at least 9 students are coming! This year the trip is a 10 day excursion covering many parts of the country – Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, north to Safed and the Galilee. All travel is vetted through the Ministry of Tourism, with the greatest consideration for security. Our trip will not go anywhere that the army, and others have deemed unsafe for travel, due to any situation.

The trip is scheduled for Sunday, March 13, returning early morning Tuesday, March 22, 2016. We are inviting all Grade 10-12 students who are members of Temple. This is a trip that is life-changing – even if they have already been to Israel. This is truly not something to be missed.

At press time, the following teens are joining in:

  • Carly Baldachin
  • Avery Beutel
  • Georgia Blatt
  • David Friedland
  • Hannah Goodman
  • Harley Jonatan
  • Neil Jonatan
  • Max Mickelson
  • Liam Vrooman

Put your name on the list! Join the experience!

Please let us know if there is an interest. We would love to share the magic of Israel with your family.

All the best,
Debbie, Lisa Isen Baumal and Rabbi Satz

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