In helfman

By Rabbi Jordan Helfman.

Join the Jewish community as we attend Going Home Star, a ballet put on with the support of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. If you are under 35, please visit our Young Professional group for a discount code for tickets.

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Commissioned by Artistic Director André Lewis, Going Home Star – Truth and Reconciliation explores the world of Annie, a young, urban First Nations woman adrift in a contemporary life of youthful excess. But when she meets Gordon, a longhaired trickster disguised as a homeless man, she’s propelled into a world she’s always sensed but never seen. Not only do they travel the streets of this place but also the roads of their ancestors, learning to accept the other’s burdens as the two walk through the past and toward the future. Together, both Annie and Gordon learn that without truth, there is no reconciliation.

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