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u34+1F!EVWH7ngw7NLVXIcKIKW2pmYA+Gl!w8rbMsYH!BRIAG5OUet9tcq9F2XjffXkZsjELHH1dotzfe59Az8ey+zMCzTb0OF4sfMxKIA+WsW1OYzkgsRAdZgmVYczuThe book we will be discussing is called Orphan # 8 by Kin van Alkemade.

Sunday, November 28, 2015
10:00 a.m.
Sisterhood Library.

It is historical fiction which starts out in the earl 1900’s in a Jewish orphanage in New York. This book tells the story of one of the orphans, young Rachel Rabinowitz, who becomes part of an experimental course of X-ray treatments conducted by Dr. Mildred Solomon.

Then the book switches to the ’50’s and Rachel is now a nurse in the Old Hebrew’s Home. One of the elderly patients admitted is none other than Dr. Mildred Solomon.

How will the rest of the story unfold – forgiveness or revenge?

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