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20151115_095120Shalom everyone!

It was all about “Acts of Loving Kindness” -“Ge’milut Chasadim” at school on Sunday. We joined with the Grade four class, and proved again that taking the responsibility for one another, “Kol Yisrael Aravim Ze la Ze” is important for us to learn. We created a project about the ‘three pillars that keep us as Jews together’ –  Torah, Worship and Acts of Loving Kindness. We paired the 20151115_095123students a grade 4 and a grade 5 and had them write about mitzvah that was given to them in picture-form. They wrote about how they could fulfill that Mitzvah. It was than glued to our pillar. The students did an amazing job. Please ask your child what he/she What wrote about?

In Hebrew, we finished the work on the second prayer and learned about roots. We learned that so many words in Hebrew are built on three root letters.

Some students are practicing on regular basis and they can feel the difference. Pleas encourage them to do so as some are still struggling. Practice is essential.

We are going to the ROM on December 6. Parents are invited along with their children. Many students want to come but forget to bring the form to school. Please fill them up and bring them to the office / class.

Have a great week.


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