In Grade 4

Sunday was a very different day. The grade 4 and 5 had group work together.  We explored the 3 Pillars of the Judaism: Torah, Prayer and Acts of Love and Kindness. Our focus was on the 3rd pillar. The students worked in pairs and had to identify the  picture of the Mitzvah with the name of the Mitzvah. We asked them to write down ways the Mitzvah might be fulfilled, and present their ideas to the group. They made a large puzzle out of their ideas. It was very nice to see the two grades working together. This work will be displayed soon. We will work more on each Mitzvah in more details in class.

In Hebrew we talked about Shabbat and we explored the Blessings for Shabbat. Homework Page 12 Alley II

Looking ahead: Next week the students will receive their topics for the Israel project that will be presented in January.

Please mark on you calendars to visit the class during the presentation of the Israel Project on January 17, 2016.

Your feedback is always appreciated.

Sandra Merovic


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