Dear JK Parents,

Today we talked more about Mitzvot. We read a story about a Mitzvah magician and talked about ways that we can make Mitzvah magic in our classroom and in our homes. We also continued our study of creation with the third day. After learning that this was the day when the land and everything that grows on it was created, we made a tissue paper garden for our creation books.IMG_20151101_110713

Next week we will move on to the fourth day of creation and make the next page of our books. We will also talk about lighting Shabbat candles and make our own candlesticks.

On November 22nd, you are invited to join us at 10:45 for a special activity about Hachnasat Orchim – welcoming guests. We can’t wait for your visit!

 Shavua Tov, have a great week!



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