In Grade 4

Our Grade 4 class had a supply teacher this week – Jane Harris Koblin. It is always great to have Jane working with us again!

We reviewed last week’s work on the Israel jigsaw puzzle. Where are the main citieis? Where is the water? Where is the desert, etc? We then played a really interesting game, “I think that Israel is _____ because _______. Answers were very interesting.IMG_20151101_102320

We then looked at pictures of 8 different cities around the world and identified them….seeing the differences in the Israeli cities and those from around the world.

In Hebrew we are continuing with our lessons in the book. Our special section of “Ba Kitah” in the classroom, we read the story and then worked with the words for conversational Hebrew. Check and see if your child can repeat the story! We tried to use full sentences!



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