In Grade 3

On Sunday, we started class with our regular routines of Hatikvah, Shabbat highlights, and Tzedaka. We continued this session, to focus on the Jewish Life Cycle -Baby Naming (Brit/Britta). We completed our page in our Jewish Life Cycle Scrapbook both Hebrew and English names and the reasoning behind our names. Also, we read the book called “Sophie’s name, and we had an interesting discussion about our name and the Sophie’s name (the girl) in the story.IMG_20151101_102209

In Hebrew, we reviewed our letters and vowels, learned the letter “Vet” and “Dalet” and the vowel “Chataf-Patach”.  Also, our key word this week is “Havdalah”- separation. Please ensure your son/daughter reviews lesson #5 on the website: as

Next week, we will continue to work with grade 2 ( team partner) In Hebrew, we will continue to work on lesson # 6 letters “Aleph” and “Vav”.

Looking forward to hearing from all the students that they have practiced their Hebrew reading.

Shavuah Tov!

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