In Grade 5

Shalom everyone,

Playing jeopardy with Bar and Noam was so much fun and we have learned so much more about Israel. Ask your kids what they’ve learned.

We also shared some personal experiences about times when we have been scared or discouraged and what made us “go for it” after all. We learned about Joshua and in times of hesitation he trusted in God. That was one of his great characteristics (among many others). God tells him to be strong and have courage. We will cover that part next week.

In Hebrew we were reviewing the words from both prayers that we’ve learned and practiced our reading and understanding new words.We have learned the word kindness and life and their roots.

Next Sunday we will have a special art program with grade 4 about ‘Loving Kindness’ – Gemilut Chasadim. I’m looking forward to this project.

Have a great week.

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