In Grade 4

Last week we discussed how we imagine Israel with the game: “I think that Israel is like…. because….”

Today we watched a movie about Israel, “Israel a small country big as the world”, After the movie we compared what the students said about Israel before and what they learned after watching the movie.

It was interesting to see a change in opinions and some surprises and discoveries.

In Hebrew we played with the vocabulary of last week –  making our own sentences. It is beautiful to see the students understanding and using the Hebrew language in class. We introduced words related to Shabbat and read a story about Shabbat.

Home work is page 11 from the 10 Minutes of Hebrew reading.

Looking ahead: Next week Grade 4 and 5 will work together as introduction to Gemilut Chassadim (acts of love and kindness).

Your feedback is always welcome.

Have a great week.



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