In Grade 3

This past Sunday, we started on our regular routine with the singing of Hatikvah. This time we joined with our Grade 2 friends and explored its meaning  and then as a puzzle, put each word back in order. HaTikvah with MayaBoth classes worked very well together to complete the task.

Also, we shared our Shabbat highlights, and Tzedakah. In addition, we had an interesting music session with Mike and also learned about “V’havta” and it’s origin.

In Hebrew, we continued to work on lesson # 6 letters “Aleph” and “Vav”. Our key word is “Ve’ahavta”. Please review the past few lessons. We might have a short quiz through and including lesson #6.

Looking forward to hearing that more students have practiced their Hebrew reading. Please check out this website:

Next week, we will work on lesson # 7, letters “Tsadee” and “Koof”.

Shavuah Tov!

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