In Grade 1

In Hebrew, our new letter this week was Vav and our Hebrew word was ‘vered’, meaning rose.

In class, we discussed Mitzvot and the importance of welcoming guests into our home (Hachnasat Orchim). This is a Mitzvah we will be focusing on this year that I encourage you talk to your children about. How do you welcome guests into your home? Do you have a special routine?IMG_20151108_104835

We continued with the story of Jacob, Rachel, and Leah explaining how Jacob married both Rachel and Leah. Laban made a deal with Jacob that if Jacob works for him for seven years he would allow him to marry his youngest daughter Rachel. However, when the seven years arrived Laban switched the women on Jacob and he married Leah the eldest daughter instead. Laban told Jacob he had to work another seven years to marry Rachel. The students drew pictures of Jacob, Rachel, and Leah in a flap up craft activity. A interesting story – one of intrigue!


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